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No mess, no stress! 10 problems Puzlo will solve

Forget about messy workstations. Make your reception desk a place that welcomes clients and visitors. Lend some colour and vibe to a plain office space. Impossible? See our answer to common office troubles – a locker called Puzlo!

1. An antidote to chaos and mess in your office

In each office – yours included – you will find a variety of characters. A fan of music, an adventurous traveller, an active sportsman… Passions are an integral part of your staff. It may become a problem if they interfere with common office space. Then you notice a suitcase or a pair of gym shoes under a desk or suspiciously fragrant snacks next to the PC – a souvenir from exotic countries you all dread to taste. Puzlo is perfect for storing private belongings and things which are not really helpful in your work.

Whatever is your passion, you can safely store it in Puzlo and make sure that you and your colleagues can focus on work.

You don’t have to worry, your treasures will be safe in there – they will be waiting for you in a place only you can access.

Puzlo i jego zawartość

2. Exactly what you want it to be

Choose colours for your Puzlo as if you were painting a picture. Crisp white, gentle cashmere or luxurious oak? The locker may reflect the style and vibe of your office, so that you can come up with arrangements different from usual, plain office designs. The range of finishing is rather broad: you can choose from among monochrome varieties of melamine or those with wood grain. Since the choice is really wide, there is virtually no limit to how you can style your Puzlo according to your own ideas.

Wykończenia Puzlo

3. Impressive at first sight

Reception desk is the first point of contact in your office. Imagine that every coat, piece of luggage or document left by employees and guests is always stored exactly where it should be. Puzlo is flexible when it comes to arrangements and modifications, so it can be adjusted to any reception space. It features conveniently designed suitcase compartments in relevant sizes. This is how you make sure your reception desk is welcoming and impressive even before you manage to say “Hello”.

Reception desk furnished with lockers Puzlo
Reception desk furnished with lockers Puzlo

4. Good taste

Are you looking for unconventional solutions to suit the interior design of your office? Do you have a unique office layout, featuring a column in the centre or a slanted ceiling? Puzlo not only comes in a variety of colours and patterns. You can arrange its individual modules in a number of ways, to come up with a designer piece of furniture which perfectly fits in with your existing office space.

Open space with Puzlo
Open space with Puzlo and Xenium

5. All documents – safely kept

Hardly anything can be more irritating than a confidential document left on a desk. Sometimes, however, there is no choice, because you don’t have enough lockers. If at all. Puzlo has 3 types of locks – cylindrical lock with a key, combination lock and RFID card lock. This is a quick and discreet way to put your documents away. At the same time, you make sure they are always at hand.

6. When things get cramped

In cramped spaces mess is often taken for granted. Every single centimetre counts. Non-standard size and shape of the office can also be a trouble. Sometimes you have no choice but order customised furniture. Fortunately, Puzlo can be modified and rearranged, which is why it will fit in any space.

7. News you can’t miss

What if you could leave a message directly on somebody’s locker instead of sending yet another e-mail? For example: “Meeting at 9.30, Ania”, “We’re in room 3” or simply “Happy Birthday”? If you choose the variant with dry-wipe laminate fronts, you can leave any message you want to and erase it afterwards. Now a company locker can be a new messenger or information board.

8. Contactless correspondence

With Puzlo with an in-built drop box you can share and transfer documents without the need to schedule a meeting with another person. It is particularly important now, when due to COVID-19 we should keep social distance. But, frankly speaking, this is a feature that is always useful – for example when somebody is out of office. Thanks to the drop box you can be sure they will collect the document upon return.


9. Maintaining work-life balance

Puzlo will help you not only guarantee confidentiality, but also keep work-life balance. When everybody has their own locker, they can hide away their laptops after they finish work and retrieve sports equipment, before thy head for the gym straight from the office. This is how you can avoid carrying a company laptop everywhere you go. It will be waiting for you in Puzlo until next morning.

10. Enjoy the silence

Remember heavy metal lockers you can still find in some offices? Their screeching sends shivers down your spine. You want to retrieve a single sheet of paper... and all the heads in the office turn towards you because of the noise. Puzlo features quiet lockers as a standard solution. Now you can safely open and close the locker without disturbing the silence in the office. You can also go for the variant with a sound-absorbing overlay, for maximum acoustic comfort.

We all appreciate multifunctional products. Puzlo is definitely one of them. Arrange and assemble it yourself to make it suit your needs. Check out possible configuration options on the product website.

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