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Between art and craft: the Nowy Styl showroom in Gdańsk

The Olivia Business Centre office facility is a place where users’ needs are a priority. This idea is consistent with the Nowy Styl philosophy, which is why we decided to stay close and arrange our new showroom in a neighbouring building – Prime.


– We’ve been present in Gdańsk for a few years now and this venue is not a random choice. We inspire architects and offer advice to the representatives of local businesses and international corporations, keen to make investments in the north of Poland. We are proud to be part of the Tri-City business milieu  – says Robert Woźny, Regional Manager at Nowy Styl.

Warm and natural finish

The showroom will greet you with the scent of freshly ground coffee, because the entrance is right next to the bar. The place features warm colours and a number of seats to become a perfect meet & greet zone. It will also accommodate all informal meetings.



Oak slats are used to define individual zones within the showroom. This arrangement was inspired by wooden panelling observed in the decadent, modernist interiors in the early 20th century Poland. This element is an ornament as well as a functional solution. A border that divides and joins the office zones – says Joanna Perek, an architect at Nowy Styl.

Behind the bar there is a meeting zone furnished with solutions by Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl. It is linked to the multimedia zone and smoothly opens up the way to the next sections of the showroom.

Nowy Styl Showroom Gdansk

Inspired by classic design

A space for more formal meetings was arranged in a large conference room, whose design is a refined echo of Bauhaus, with an elevated touch of minimalism. Metal ornaments painted black are a reference to the Weimar school, just like the carpet, which resembles a grid.

Metal is also a clear reference to a shipyard and cast iron - and it’s not a random choice, because you can see shipyard cranes from the windows. This is how we decided to include a link to the place where our new showroom is located.



– The main idea behind the interior design was to show the Bauhaus inspiration as a timeless symbol of the modern approach to architecture. Natural associations with Tri-City include shipyards and amber retrieved from the Baltic sea. This contrast is a great match for the famous statement made by Walter Gropius: The artist is an exalted craftsman– adds Patrycja Szumilas, an architect at Nowy Styl.


Nowy Styl Showroom Gdansk
Nowy Styl Showroom Gdansk

In the open space you will also find references to the German school of design. The section with desks features characteristic geometric patterns and colours repeated in the carpets or upholstery. Modern form meets functionality in an ergonomic shape that prioritises the employees’ comfort.

Creativity meets functionality

Although the area itself is not excessive, we managed to find some space for a chillout zone and American dinner section furnished with the Play&Work solutions. The place is a quiet corner where you can hold video calls and enjoy phone conversations.

In the showroom there is also a separate space for brainstorming and workshops, as well as lockers, which will hold the most important documents, stationery and office equipment. The creative zone is an inspiration for project work – a high, large table with a conveniently displayed folder of finishes, and a variety of hockers and bar stools. This is a place where you can work in a position you like most.

The whole arrangement comes in muted colours, so that the interior is a suitable background for the office furniture, which is designed to play the leading part in this space.


Nowy Styl Showroom Gdansk

Our new showroom is in Olivia Business Centre, ul. Grunwaldzka 472e, in the Prime A building (1st floor).

Come and visit us to explore our solutions and see how functional they are. We believe you will like our products, which were designed to help you work effectively, in a pleasant and comfortable setting.

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