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ICE Mortgage Technology in Bielsko-Biała - an office with a view…

When planning its new office, ICE Mortgage Technology - part of Intercontinental Exchange, a global technology company - knew exactly what they wanted. They were aiming at a unique combination of ergonomic solutions with a breathtaking visual effect, so as to catch the eye of the employees and support them in their everyday tasks. Please explore the new office in Bielsko-Biała. This office combines a perfect view of the beautiful Beskidy mountains and a promise of maximum comfort at work.

ICE Mortgage Technology opened up its new office in Bielsko-Biała in December 2020. Following the sanitary guidelines, the company decided to go for the hybrid model and introduced job rotation to limit the number of employees present in the office at a time. As a result, some people worked from home, while others came to the office. The first days in the new office space resulted in a variety of positive impressions. People could enjoy more comfort and rely on ergonomic solutions, plan effective meetings and take their time to relax in the well-planned and unique chill-out zones.


The project as seen by ICE Mortgage Technology

“The whole project was completed in an impressive time. The decision to move to a new office was made in December 2019, and in summer 2020 we were choosing furniture and designing the space together with the Nowy Styl specialists. We appreciate their assistance with choosing the right materials and colour options. We could rely on our partner at every stage of the project – the Nowy Styl team are a team of experts, who look at a project holistically and consider all the aspects. How about the outcomes? Since the staff want to borrow their workstations and use them at home, this is the best recommendation you can get”Beata Mojżesz, Senior People Business Partner at ICE Mortgage Technology.

Whether sitting or standing – always ergonomic

In ICE Mortgage Technology height adjustment desks are an element of corporate guidelines. In the previous office the employees could use workplaces which offered the opportunity to change the body position. Now they are using eModel 2.0. electrical height adjustment desks and they can work in a much more comfortable setting. The desks by Nowy Styl come with a silent adjustment mechanism, with noise level below 45 dB. This is why they are not a nuisance even when a few people adjust the desks at the same time.

The furniture used in the new ICE Mortgage Technology office also includes the Xilium chair, which can change its size by as much as 30%, which means it can be perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of every individual user. What is more, the X-MOVE solution patented by Nowy Styl means human body can dynamically move in three directions while the user is seated in it. This, in turn, reduces the negative impact of a prolonged sitting position.


This product appealed to us at first glance. Once they saw it, our whole project team was sure the decision to collaborate with Nowy Styl was a right choice. Better yet, our employees claimed these chairs were so comfortable that they often ask us if they can borrow them to work from home, too – says Beata Mojżesz.


Office and technologies that match the user’s needs

The ICE Mortgage Technology office in Bielsko-Biała comes with a series of diverse meeting places scattered around the entire space. Many of them are located close to the workstations, which means you can engage in a short brainstorming session or ad hoc consultations at any time. There are also two coffee points, where you can organise All Hands Meetings.


Another need pinpointed during the planning stage was the space for formal meetings. A large conference room has been arranged to suit the needs of the staff and handle technological challenges. The room includes an innovative video system, which traces the sound and follows the speaker. The central element of this room is a camera, which automatically focuses on the person behind the round CX 3200 table who is currently taking the floor during an online meeting.


Chill-out zones with a view of the Beskidy mountains

In the ICE Mortgage Technology office there are two chill-out zones, where the staff can relax, free their minds and find the power to carry them through the day.

Nowy Styl ICE Mortgage Technology

Many IT organisations believe a noisy, lively game room is a golden standard. In this case the client was also sure this kind of place should be included in the new office. Apart from a typical game room, alternative chill-out space with comfortable LinkUP chaise lounges and Tapa swings was created. This is where you can go when you need to relax and find a quiet place to boost your inner strength. A view of the beautiful Beskidy mountains adds to the relaxing atmosphere” – says Anna Maciata, an architect at Nowy Styl.

Nowy Styl ICE Mortgage Technology

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