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A manufacturer or a business partner?


The factories we visited are some of the best production plants to be found in Europe today, firstly in terms of the advanced technologies they use. Rarely do we see a company that controls the whole production process, including the production of wooden, metal and plastic components. This is extremely interesting. We were very impressed by the production space, which covers 170,000 m2. (…)

Few companies can, like Nowy Styl, supply virtually all office equipment elements. You usually have to buy tables, chairs and soft upholstered furniture from different suppliers. There are only few companies in Europe that supply such a wide range of products. Nowy Styl is a top class company that belongs in the group.

Jean-Paul Fournier
Editor-in-chief of the “Office et Culture” magazine

Quality control

In maintaining the quality and safety, and reducing the negative environmental impact of our products, processes and technologies, we are helped by the management systems we have in place, which are based on the requirements of the following: Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Facility Production Inspection, Occupational Safety and Health Management System ISO 45001 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and FSC® (FSC-C120977). Our plants operate according to those standards. In addition, we have implemented the voluntary Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) at our Nowy Styl Deutschland GmbH plant.

In 2019, in order to reduce our negative impact on the natural environment, we implemented CO2 Performance Ladder, a system supporting sustainability and reduction of CO2  emissions in our companies (Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o., Nowy Styl Deutschland GmbH and Rohde & Grahl B.V.).















Cellular board

To improve the environmental properties of our products, we have started manufacturing products made of cellular board. Cellular board is a modern and eco-friendly material that is widely used in the furniture industry. It has surface layers made of durable chipboard or HDF boards and a paper filling that resembles honeycomb. Its biggest advantage is that it is lightweight, which helps lower transport costs and fuel consumption. It is durable and has all the important constructional features too. The production of cellular board requires less wood-based material, and cellular board is fully recyclable.

Composite board

With the help of European Funds, we have developed new technology that enables us to use our production waste to the maximum possible extent and reduce our consumption of raw materials. Composite board is made of waste generated during manufacturing processes (e.g. wood-based waste, scraps of upholstery fabrics). It can successfully replace the components used previously. You can find composite board, for example, in upholstered versions of our popular chairs, such as VENUS and FOSCA, as well as in other chairs for cafes, home interiors and office social zones.

Smart chair

Our Research and Development Department is working on Internet of Things solutions for office spaces. In 2017 we presented a prototype of a smart chair – Navigo Smart. The operative chair is equipped with a microcomputer and ULE technology that connects the chair with a computer or a smartphone. The sensors the chair is fitted with can monitor the chair's adjustment and the user's behaviour. They also measure the physical conditions of a workstation, such as temperature, humidity and air pressure. Using the data gathered, it is possible to determine whether the user sits in an ergonomic position and works in optimal conditions. The data can also be used to analyse desk occupancy in a company.


We are one of the leading furniture companies when it comes to innovative production. We are also gradually implementing Industry 4.0 technologies, such as smart devices that help us fully automate production and optimise processes using the data gathered in real time. By using these devices, we can shorten the product implementation time (so-called “time to market”) and increase the efficiency of manufacturing short product batches on an industrial scale. This will enable us to adjust the existing products to the individual needs of our clients, which is essential in terms of responding to their requirements quickly and accurately.

Tomasz Bardzik
Technical Director at Nowy Styl

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